Nutrition and Exercise

Corpus plan

If you are looking to maximise results with a combination of nutrition and excercise, this is your plan. 

  • Personalized diet plan

  • Personalized training regime

  • Weekly follow ups which include diet and training adjustments upon progression

  • Unlimited contact with nutritionist and personal trainer

  • Plans 100% based on scientific research

Phase 1: Data collection

In this first phase, we will collect your data, which will include: a food log of current food intake, weight, height and anthropometric measurements if needed. 

Current daily intake will be analysed and adjusted to ensure appropriate nutrient intake. A specific training plan will be provided dependent on the set objectives to be met

*All data will remain confidential in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Phase 2: Nutrition

The nutrition plan will be completely personalized, dependent on individual needs. It will ensure proper macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fats) and microntrient (vitamins and minerals) consumption and distribution to achieve the recommended nutrient intake. 

Meal plans will be specific to the objectives set, in which nutrient distribution and quantity will be adjusted in order to meet the caloric requirements. This will be dependent on the nature of the objective, such as muscle building, weight loss and more. 

Weekly follow ups will allow for the diet plan to be adjusted upon progression, to assure steady improvement. 

Phase 3: Training

Training plans will be totally personalized, dependent on current physical level and the objectives to be met. These could range between resistance training, hypertrophy training, weight loss specific and more (check out 'our services' for more info). 

Illustrative images will be provided with the training plan to ensure correct form during exercise, avoiding injuries. Training routines will be adjusted upon progression.